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ABMS                  American Board of Medical Specialties assists 24 approved
medical specialty boards in the development and use of standards in the ongoing
evaluation and certification of physicians.

ACGME                Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education is
responsible for the accreditation of post-MD medical training programs within the
United States.

AMA                     American Medical Association a source for up-to-date
information on advocacy efforts for the medical profession. Also, access sources
of data and concepts on timely issues that affect your patients and your practice.

AOA                      American Osteopathic Association is the main
representative organization for osteopathic physicians in the United States.

DEA                      Drug Enforcement Administration Registration is a United
States Department of Justice law enforcement agency, a federal police service
tasked with enforcing the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

ECFMG                Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
assesses the readiness of international medical graduates.

FCVS                    Federal Credentialing Verification Service provides a
centralized, uniform process for state medical boards to obtain a verified, primary
source record of a physician's core medical credentials.

FSMB                   Federal State Medical Board is a national not-for-profit
organization representing the 70 medical boards of the United States and its
territories, including 14 state boards of osteopathic medicine.

NBME                   National Board of Medical Examiners protects the health of
the public through state of the art assessment of health professionals.

NBOME                National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners is a not-
for-profit corporation dedicated to serving the public and state licensing agencies
by administering examinations testing the medical knowledge of those who seek to
serve the public as osteopathic physicians.

NPDB                    National Practitioner Data Bank public use files contains
information about doctors and other health care practitioners who have had
medical malpractice suits filed or adverse action taken against them.

USMLE                 United States Medical Licensing Exam is sponsored by the
FSMB and the NBME. Results of the USMLE are reported to medical licensing
authorities in the United States and its territories for use in granting the initial
license to practice medicine.

Immigration Law Firm...

Siskind Susser PC       " one of the leading immigration law firms in North
America. Our attorneys have experience handling all aspects of US immigration
law. We serve clients all over the US and the world. While we are a full-service
immigration law firm, we have particular expertise assisting clients in the healthcare
sector with their immigration needs. Our physician and healthcare team represents
both large and small employers as well as individual physicians, nurses and allied
health professionals. We are also leaders in advocating for changes and
improvements to US immigration law. At Siskind Susser, we are committed to
providing personal, quality and efficient service to all of our clients.”

Recruiter Links...

Med Dox iFind   "With a rich heritage in physician staffing, Med Dox iFind is a
recognized leader within the physician search industry. Our philosophy is simple:
the best candidate – not the next best. Each search is a unique opportunity to
identify individuals through original and conventional sources.

In a world filled with physician search firms that increasingly offer more obstacles
than services, Med Dox iFind has emerged as the alternative to the oligopoly, with
an extraordinary commitment to performance, quality and results.   

Rad Dox iFInd      "We find the best candidates; our candidates stick; our
candidates consistently succeed.  Fulfilling Radiologist permanent placement
recruitment needs across America, we focus exclusively on radiology positions,
enabling our team to concentrate solely on delivering the best Radiologist
Recruitment solutions to our clients."

Resident / Fellowship Program Links...

ERAS          The Electronic Residency Application Service—is a service that
transmits residency applications, letters of recommendation, MSPEs, transcripts,
and other supporting credentials from applicants and medical schools to
fellowship, osteopathic internship, and residency programs using the Internet.

FindAResident       is an on-line service designed to provide a direct and efficient
way for program directors and residents to connect. Programs share information
about open positions; applicants post their resume for programs to review.

FREIDA        Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database is a
database with over 8,200 graduate medical education programs accredited by the
Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, as well as over 200
combined specialty programs.

NRMP        The National Resident Matching Program is a mechanism for
matching residency applicants to programs according to the preferences
expressed by both parties on their individualized rank order lists. The NRMP is not
a centralized application service for individuals applying to graduate medical
education programs and does not advise applicants in selecting specialties or

Telemedicine Links...

CloudVisitTM          Choosing A Telemedicine Software Provider
Telemedicine is a proven method for delivering medical care and preventative
services to patients online. Face-to-face video chat can be an effective way to
grow your practice and improve patient access to care. It's important to select a
telemedicine provider that fully supports your requirements for patient security,
practice management, and affordability. Less structured online patient
communication, such as Skype, can leave you vulnerable to privacy concerns and
present significant management challenges.

CloudVisitTM offers the most comprehensive, secure, and affordable telemedicine
solution available today. Contact Daniel Gilbert, President and CEO of
CloudVisitTM at 888-503-3009.

What is CloudVisitTM?
CloudVisitTM is the first and only telemedicine software to give physicians and
patients secure, scheduled video chat access to one another. Getting started is
easy with just your computer or laptop webcam and broadband Internet access.

Backed by HIPAA-compliant security measures, CloudVisitTM provides everything
you need for a successful telemedicine practice:

  • Free customized website for your practice
  • Face-to-face video chat with patients
  • Interactive appointment calendar to manage your online availability, session
    length, and pricing
  • Email notifications and appointment reminders
  • One-touch video recording and secure treatment notes
  • Automatic patient credit card processing and direct deposit to your account

What are the benefits of CloudVisitTM telemedicine software?

  • Profitability - turn phone consultations into profitable online encounters
  • Practice Growth - improve existing patient loyalty and attract new patients
  • Privacy and Security - all video chat sessions, treatment notes, and payment
    transactions are fully encrypted and protected by HIPAA-compliant security
  • Productivity - fewer patient cancellations with easy at-home appointments for
    you and your patients
  • Easy Set-Up - no need for propriety or expensive equipment or software
  • Affordability - plans begin at just $179.95/month

CloudVisitTM currently helps psychiatrists and psychologists launch successful
telemedicine practices. CloudVisitTM is also readily available for use in all medical
specialties, with complete customization to your practice needs.
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