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Medical License Direct Makes Washington Medical
License Application Process Easier for Physicians

Medical License Direct provides medical licensing services to physicians who are seeking state medical
licenses in one or more states.
Free up your time for other priorities by submitting either a paper or
form and your application will be completed generally within a couple days.

We have the Washington Medical Quality Assurance Commission application on file in PDF format ready
for professional completion; a system that allows production of applications and third party verification
forms almost instantly while retaining personal information in a safe and confidential environment; and a
state medical board knowledge base that is extensive and updated frequently.

What our medical license service will do for you:
  • Provide FREE initial pre-qualification and medical licensing consultation
  • Research and prepare your Washington medical license application
  • Ship completed medical license application to you
  • Send all verification requests and follow up to make sure the right people receive and process them
  • Provide continuous follow up and frequent board update reports until you're licensed.

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Discounts are available for multi-state acquisitions.

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Physician and Surgeon (Chapter 18.71 RCW)
Credentialing Requirements     
Graduation from an accredited or approved
medical school

Completion of a residency or other
post-graduate training program. Applicant
must have successfully completed
at least two years of post-graduate
training if graduated after 7/85 and 1
year if before 7/85.

Work history (professional training & experience)

Hospital privileges

State licensure verification
Verification Documents Obtained
Official transcript with degree date posted received directly
from applicant’s medical school. Transcripts not in English
must be accompanied by official translation. International
medical school graduates may request certified copies of
transcripts be sent directly to the department from another
state or applicant sends original to the department for

Post-graduate Training Program Director form must be
completed by the program director and returned directly to
the department. Program staff verifies that program has
been accredited by AMA Accreditation Council for
Graduate Medical Education. All programs listed must be

Must have complete chronology from receipt of medical
degree to the date of application. All time breaks of 30
daysor more must be accounted for.

Verification of all admitting or specialty hospital privileges
that have been granted within past 5 years of date of
administration form must be completed and sent directly
administration form must be completed and sent directly
from the facility to the department. All facilities listed on
application must be verified. Hospital privileges connected
with military practice experience may be verified by current
duty station or if no longer in active service, through the
National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, Missouri.
National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

Other state medical boards where applicant is or was
licensed must complete the state verification form. The
form must be sent directly from the out-of-state medical
board to the department. Verification is required whether
the license is active or inactive. Licenses listed by
applicant on the application are checked against licenses
reported on AMA physician profile.
• HIV/AIDS training
• Successfully passed examination (FLEX, USMLE or National Board Examination) - scores verified
from appropriate organization/agency
• AMA Physician Profile
• Federation of State Medical Boards verification
• ECFMG Certificate, if international graduate

Process For Approving/Denying Applications
• Documents from the AMA and Federation of State Medical Boards and documents verifying
hospital privileges and state licenses which are over 6 months old from the date of application must
be reverified.
• The program manager reviews and approves applications as authorized by the Commission except
for applications that have the following:
1) positive answers on state, hospital or post-graduate training verifications;
2) applicants without an active license for more than three years; and/or
3) positive answers to personal data questions, except for questions regarding malpractice history.
a) Applications with malpractice history are reviewed by a medical consultant. If the medical
consultant determines there is no basis for denying the application, the program manager or
licensing manager reviews the application and if there are no other positive answers or “red flags”,
approves application for licensure. If the medical consultant determines additional information
is needed or that a member of the Commission should review the file, the application is forward
to a reviewing board member for a decision.
b) Applications with positive answers or that are considered “red flag” applications are reviewed
by the legal unit and then forwarded to a reviewing board member who presents it to a panel of
the Commission for a decision. An applicant is formally notified of a denial and has the opportunity
for a hearing.

Renewal Requirements
Physicians are required to renew their license every two years on or before their birthday, and must
complete 200 hours of continuing education every four years