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Medical License Direct Makes Kansas Medical License
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Medical License Direct provides medical licensing services to physicians who are seeking state medical
licenses in one or more states.
Free up your time for other priorities by submitting either a paper or
form and your application will be completed generally within a couple days.

We have the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts application request form on file in PDF format ready for
professional completion; a system that allows production of applications and third party verification forms
almost instantly while retaining personal information in a safe and confidential environment; and a state
medical board knowledge base that is extensive and updated frequently.

What our medical license service will do for you:
  • Provide FREE initial pre-qualification and medical licensing consultation
  • Research and prepare your Kansas pre and full medical license applications
  • Ship completed medical license application to you
  • Send all verification requests and follow up to make sure the right people receive and process them
  • Provide continuous follow up and frequent board update reports until you're licensed.

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Approved, Unapproved and Disapproved Medical Schools

Applicants for a license to practice medicine and surgery are required to have graduated from a
Board-approved medical school.  An approved medical school meets the accreditation standards
established by the LCME or the AOA.

If an applicant did not graduate from an approved medical school, they still may be eligible for
licensure, if their school has not been disapproved by the Board; they have completed 3 years of
approved postgraduate training; other graduates from their medical school have been licensed in
states that have similar standards to Kansas; and they meet all other requirements for licensure in

If a medical school has been disapproved by the Board, that school’s graduates are not eligible
for licensure in Kansas.

For specific requirements, see K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 65-2873, K.S.A. 65-2874, and 65-2875.

Medical Schools approved by the Board are:

All schools accredited by the Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME)
Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara - Mexico
Aga Khan - Pakistan
American University of the Caribbean - St. Maarten (prior to 1995 this school was located in
SABA University - Netherlands (For graduates who matriculated at the school from and after
January 1, 2002)

Medical Schools unapproved by the Board are: (neither approved nor disapproved) by the Board

SABA University - Netherlands (For graduates who matriculated at the school before 2002)

Medical Schools that have been disapproved by the Board are:

UTESA (Universidad Tecnologica De Santiago), Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic
(Board Decision 8-14-99)
UNIREMHOS - (University of Eugenio Marie De Hostos), Santo Domingo in the Dominican
Republic - closed 1998 - (Board Decision 8-14-99)
St. Matthew's University, British West Indies (Board Decision 10-10-06)
Universidad C.E.T.E.C., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - closed 1984 - (Board Decision
Universidad C.I.F.A.S. Escuela de Medicina, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - closed 1984
- (Board Decision 10-21-11)
Universidad Mundial Dominicana Escuela de Medicina (World University), Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic - closed 1991 - (Board Decision 10-21-11)
Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia (Board Decision
University of Health Sciences Antigua School of Medicine, St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda
(Board Decision 10-21-11)
Unversidad Federico henriquez y Carvajal (UFHEC), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic -
closed 1998 - (Board Decision 10-21-11)
Kigezi International School of Medicine, Cambridge, England and Kabale, Uganda (Board
Decision 10-21-11)

Note: Pursuant to K.A.R. 100-6-3(d)(3), If any school previously approved is subsequently
disapproved by the board, the disapproval shall not disqualify any physician temporarily or
permanently licensed in Kansas with respect to the license then held. For purposes of this
regulation, any person holding a current and valid temporary permit issued by the board without
disclaimer, conditions, or restriction on it, and who applies for and satisfies all requirements for full
licensure shall not be disqualified if the program that served as the basis for that person's
licensure is subsequently disapproved.

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