International Medical Graduate (IMG)
Basic Requirements for medical licensure in the U.S....

We're an independent for-profit service that assists doctors, who've met basic
requirements for medical licensure in the U.S, with the medical license application and
credentialing process for any state.

Our company is
not affiliated with any of the state medical boards, however; through
working with the state medical boards we have gained extensive information about
medical licensure requirements for American and international medical graduates.

If you graduated from a medical school that is not located in the United States or
Canada then you're considered an international medical graduate (IMG). IMGs have
requirements to fulfill in addition to those for American medical graduates (AMGs).

  • ALL international medical graduates must be certified by the Educational
    Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). Medical schools
    outside the United States and Canada vary in educational standards, curriculum,
    and evaluation methods. The ECFMG, through its program of certification,
    assesses whether physicians graduating from these schools are ready to enter
    programs of graduate medical education in the United States.

Some states require IMGs to have a minimum of two years training and others require
three. Our
requirements page offers a chart, that is subject to change, listing each
state medical board and the required years of training.

Once you've been certified by the ECFMG, completed Step 3 of USMLE and are close
to completing your ACGME approved training we can assist you with obtaining a
medical license in the U.S.

links page offers some sites that might assist you with locating a residency. We
have never personally worked with these organizations nor do we endorse them.

An exception to the above requirement for ECFMG certification is taking the Fifth
Pathway. The Fifth Pathway is a relatively rare credential. In the past thirty years, only
about seven thousand have been awarded, so approximately 1 percent of practicing
physicians in the U.S. hold the credential.

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