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Medical License Direct Makes Idaho Medical License
Application Process Easier for Physicians

Medical License Direct provides medical licensing services to physicians who are seeking state
medical licenses in one or more states.
Free up your time for other priorities by submitting
either a paper or online
form and your application will be completed generally within a couple days.

We have the Idaho State Board of Medicine pre-application on file in PDF format ready for
professional completion; a system that allows production of applications and third party verification
forms almost instantly while retaining personal information in a safe and confidential environment;
and a state medical board knowledge base that is extensive and updated frequently.

What our medical license service will do for you:
  • Provide FREE initial pre-qualification and medical licensing consultation
  • Research and prepare your Idaho pre and full medical license applications
  • Ship completed medical license application to you
  • Send all verification requests and follow up to make sure the right people receive and
    process them quickly
  • Provide continuous follow up and frequent board update reports until you're licensed.

That's it! Fast and easy.

Discounts are available for multi-state acquisitions.

850-471-8648, weekdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST for a FREE initial consultation or quote.

Or email your questions to and you can generally expect a reply
within a few hours during business hours.

We also offer a
pre-qualification form for your convenience. Or, please click HERE for our paper or
online form and we'll get started right away.
Licensure by Endorsement

What is licensure by endorsement?

Licensure by endorsement is an expedited permanent license for those physicians who qualify.
Endorsement is NOT a temporary license issue process nor is it reciprocity.

What are the criteria for licensure by endorsement?

In brief, simple language, for license by endorsement you must:

1.    Hold a current license to practice medicine in another US state or Canada that has no disciplinary
action, suspension, or restrictions.

2.    Be currently ABMS or AOA board certified.

3.    Have held an unrestricted license for five years in any US state or Canada.

4.    Disclose on the application form any physical or mental impairment that impacts your ability to

5.    Disclose any significant (over $50,000) malpractice settlements or judgments in the past 10 years.

6.    Complete an affidavit affirming your eligibility and complete a criminal background (fingerprint) check.

Anyone seeking to be licensed to practice medicine in Idaho who is licensed to practice medicine in
another state must submit a completed application and documentation.