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Medical Board Of California

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Sacramento, CA 95815
Telephone:  (916) 263-2382    Fax:  (916) 263-2487

  • Application Fee:   $491

  • License Fee:        
    $808/$416.50 for

  • Average Processing
    Time: 2 - 5 months

  • Accepted Exams:  
    SPEX, LMCC, (SBE  prior
    to 1969)

  • USMLE Attempt Limit: Four attempts on step 3
    unless you completed USMLE by 1/1/07. No  
    attempt limit if completed all steps before 1/1/07.

  • USMLE Time Limit: Each Step of the USMLE is
    valid for 10 years.

  • US / Canada
    Graduate      1 year  

  • International
    Graduate      2 years
1 year if SPEX or ABMS Cert.

  • Prior and Current License Verifications        
  • Medical School Transcripts      
  • Exam Verifications         
  • Postgraduate Verifications        
  • ECFMG Verification (IMGs)         
  • Clinical Rotations (IMGs)
  • Background Check       
  • Passport Style Photo for application

The FCVS is accepted
REQUIRED COPIES (if applicable)

  • Certified Copy of Medical Diploma or original Medical Diploma with copy.
  • Copy of Legal Name Change documents
  • Copy of Initial Complaint and Final Order (or letter from lawyer if pending) for all
    malpractice cases that were awarded $30,000 or more.
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We have the Medical Board of California application on file in PDF format ready for professional
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medical board knowledge base that is extensive and updated frequently.

What our medical license service will do for you:

  • Provide FREE pre-qualification and medical licensing consultation
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  • Ship completed medical license application to you generally within a couple days
  • Send all verification requests and follow up to make sure the right people receive and process them
  • Provide continuous follow up and frequent board update reports until you're licensed.

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